What to look for in a dedicated server?

We get a lot of questions of customers asking us if they might need a dedicated server. Here are some situations in which you might want to consider getting a dedicated server and what the positive effects are of a dedicated server, presuming you have a VPS or Webhosting.

Dedicated servers give freedom — dedicated servers buy you from freedom. Why? You don’t have the hassle of other people causing issues on the server as you are the only person using the server. You can also upgrade a dedicated server anytime you want. You can just open a ticket with us and we can arrange a HDD, RAM or CPU upgrade without any long during downtimes.

Dedicated servers deliver faster websites — it’s true that a dedicated server, once optimized of course, will deliver you greater website response times. Why? This happens because you have dedicated resources. Everytime a visitor goes to a web page, the website will request a session from your server to that visitor, which is costing resources. The more dedicated resources you have, the faster your website loads.

Dedicated servers have dedicated resources — a dedicated is a bare metal server… in other words it’s basically hardware you do not have to share with anybody. You can use up all the resources for your website and you can install it anyway you like it. You do not have to worry about other users using your resources or causing high loads onĀ  your server. Now, that will give you some ease of mind.

Dedicated servers with us are managed, so no worries — all our dedicated servers come with a fully managed plan for free. It’s included in the price. This means that you do not have to worry on how to manage or install a dedicated server. We do it all for you! Have a site to migrate? We will do it for you. Have a certain hardware or software configuration needed? We do it for you… all for free!

You don’t have overhead costs — because we offer all the servers with a fully managed support plan, your overhead costs are very low. You do not have to hire people or find a tech to install and maintain your server for you. In other words: this means that we are actually saving you money, even if you are paying for the server! Why? Hiring people or outsource your support is far more costly than a server for 80 or 150 euro per month. So, where are you waiting for? Join us!

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