HostSlim added RETN to the IP Transit mix

HostSlim Datacenter is excited to announce that last week we have added RETN to our IP Transit mix. We have chosen RETN as addition to our network after much increased demand of traffic in the region RETN is active. They are also a great partner for us as they have excellent global routes.

A short overview of why we chose for RETN as additional IP Transit in our datacenter:


  • Over 73.000 km of lit fibre
  • International multi-ring network architecture for multiple layers of redundancy
  • One of the biggest homogeneous fiber networks in Europe
  • Network infrastructure owned and managed by RETN
  • Infinera 500 G DWDM super-channel based equipment
  • Latest generation 100 G based IP/MPLS backbone


  • Extensive number of PoPs worldwide
  • Regional offices with end to end support
  • International network with local presence
  • Array of local access providers in all regions
  • Industry leading interconnectivity with other carriers
  • Present in major carrier neutral DCs

Adding RETN to our mixed IP Transit really helps HostSlim with its recent growth as a player in the global hosting market. Now almost 80% of our customers are outside of The Netherlands and they are really happy about the way we offer our global solutions from our Netherlands Datacenter with extensive and great routes to Amsterdam and global IP Transit.

Do you want to know more about our network? Have a quick look here.

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