Reseller hosting is a great starting point

So, you are looking into providing hosting for people? You want to become a provider but you don’t have the knowledge on managing a server? Then Reseller Webhosting is a great start. Why? We’ll explain it here:
Approachable — Reseller hosting is very much approachable as you do not need to be a guru in the hosting business. Why? Because we manage the server and all the scripts that need to be installed, while you can focus on aquiring new clients.

White label — We offer all our reseller hosting white label. This means that your customers will not see directly that you are a client of us, nor reselling from us. It will look like you are the one operating and maintaining the server. Your clients will not see our name or brand anywhere in the control panel.

Low investment costs — With a reseller hosting you do not need to invest in a whole network or your own servers. You can just use our network and our hardware, hence creating leverage. You can keep your costs low and your profits high. It’s a great place to start!

You can install any script automatically — We have several sitebuilders and script installers. This means very little support requests for you from your clients as your clients can do everything within a few clicks in their hosting account. It’s so easy! They will love it for sure.

SSL is no problem You can request your own IP within our network so you can install SSL and make sure your clients feel trusted with ordering from you and give them a sence of security.

Upgrade anytime you want — You don’t have to wait days, not even hours to upgrade. You can upgrade anytime you want via your client account by simply upgrading your reseller plan. We’ve made it our reseller so easy to compete in the market and upgrade anytime they have a client that needs more resources.

This is just some of pros of having a reseller hosting plan with us. Want to find out everything and try us out? Check our plans here. We hope to welcome you soon!


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