Are affiliate programs profitable?

So you are looking into becoming an affiliate in the hosting business? You have some questions like: if it’s profitable? Do I need to put in a lot of work? When do I get paid? This post is for you to clear some things up.

Is it profitable — this totally depends on if you have websites with a lot of visitors and you can convert those visitors to leads and then to orders at your affiliate partner. You don’t even need to have a big website or a lot of visitors, as long as you have a invluence on your audience you can get a lot of profit from you affiliate program. Why? People tend to follow people who they see as “market expert”. If you are the expert in your branch, you are most likely to convert leads into sales because you have way more invluence then when you have a website where people visit one time and don’t feel affiliated with you.

Do I need to put in a lot of work? — this really depends on what your expectations are. Being an affiliate doesn’t have to be a full time job. If you have a website with an audience or you have a blog, twitter page, facebook page, instagram or any place that has audience, you are already way ahead on building your leads. So it really depends if you already have an audience. If you need to build an audience from scratch then you might consider taking more time as it will take more time to gain a certain audience that will convert into leads.

When do I get paid? — this really differs from all affiliate programs out there. We pay out anytime you want once the minimum deposit/funds hit 25 euros in affiliate fee. So you can have several payouts each week if you want.

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