2016, what a year it’s been!

2016 has been a great year for us at HostSlim. Our team got expanded even more, our customer base grew significantly and our customer satisfaction rate also went up a lot. Here’s a short recap on what has been changed, added and what we expect for 2017

This year we have changed and upgraded all our hosting plans on the website. We have added new dedicated servers and upgraded the RAM for all the servers for free. We have also released a new website layout and new functionalities.

Later this year we also created this blog to keep our customers informed on updates and frequently asked questions and general howto’s. We’ve gotten great feedback from customers that they really like to BLOG as it keeps them informed and it makes it easier for them to make decisions.

In our datacenter a lot has been changed. We have updated our locations with more bandwidth, more rackspace and more colocation customers. We also upgraded the anti-ddos solutions to an even better protection. We haveĀ  added a whole lot of new dedicated servers and hardware to keep up with our customers demand. More people are on-site to help our colocation clients with remote hands, and process any upgrades our customers need.

This year we have also met some of our terrific customers. We’ve had a several events in Amsterdam, which were great. We’ve had a lot of fun and we have swapped a lot of information and ideas. It was very inspirational. So to all our customers that we’ve met the past year, thank you so much for the inspiration! And of course a big thank you also to the customers that we have not yet met. You all inspire us to be greater than we are now.

There’s a whole lot I have not been able to post here. But from me to you, thank you so much for your business and we will make it our highest priority to keep you satisfied and 2017 will bring a whole lot of new updates. We are so excited for this and I hope you are too! We will keep you informed.

Our team wishes you a happy new year! Lets make it a great year!

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