Why hosting is crucial for your business

Hosting is not really on the “crucial” list of most companies. That’s a shame as it should be. I will explain you why:

You need a presence on the Internet, and not just a “average” one — what I mean with this is that you need a great website. Not just an “OK” website or a good website. You need a website that loads fast and has great uptime. You need to be helped where you can’t control certain issues or don’t have the knowledge to maintain your servers or upgrade them. Below you will see why this all is important:

Fast website = more customers — it may sound strange that a faster website will give you more customer, but it’s true. Customers make their decision in the first few seconds on your website. If your website is slow – they will close the tab and they’re gone. When you have an eye-catching design and have some funnel to a signup page or your product page, you can convert your clients right away: IF your website is loading fast.

Uptime IS important — you might think that an hour a month or a few hours a month downtime isn’t a big problem and doesn’t cost you anything. Wrong. Not only will you lose potential customers, it will also ruin your Google ranking. So next time when you’re trying to cheap out on your hosting, remember: uptime matters more than price!

Managed services will avoid headaches — when you have your website up and running – and you have a provider with at least 99,99% uptime, you can look into having somebody manage your server or hosting. We as a hosting company offer an all-inclusive package. This means that we manage your hosting with no extra costs than the monthly fee. You can also choose for an external company to manage your hosting but this will cost you around $100/hour. When you host with a managed hosting provider like HostSlim, you will save yourself a lot of money. When you don’t know 100% how to run your own website, maintain it and make sure it’s always online, then you would want a managed hosting plan.

Have a reliable partner — this might be obvious but still a lot of people are looking for the cheapest possible solution without checking who they’re actually doing business with. All they do is look at pricing, but when ship has come to sail everything fails. They try to contact their hosting partner but they wont answer as they don’t have the knowledge, time or employees to support you. Now your “give me your cheapest plan” has turned into a nightmare. So again, please, don’t just look at pricing. There’s a reason why a Breitling is more expensive than a Seiko Watch.

As you can see, there are certain points to keep in mind. They are very important and can mean the difference between success online or a failure online. Nobody wants to bet on one horse right? So it’s time to get your online presence performing!

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