Why a lot of ISPs are failing at support

You hear a lot of complaints online about ISPs not offering the right support to people and customers being upset about it and speaking about it on public forums. If you really look at what happened, it’s not the customer that’s annoying or has absurt claims of service, not the ISP that’s not offering support. It’s because of one thing: communication.

Providers expect customers to know everything. And yes, a lot of people these days know a thing or two about servers, but they forget about a major amount of customers. There are customers that have no knowledge about hosting and have no intention of learning it either. You’re their ISP so they expect that you will help them. Here is where a lot of the trouble starts. Providers feel like they have told the customer what to do and don’t feel like they need to clarify themselves, meanwhile the customer is in a loss for words as they do not understand what’s being said.

So as provider you need to revert back to your early days when you didn’t knew as much about hosting either. If you start supporting clients from that kind of view, your manner of communication will change right away and your customers will be more satisfied than every. Do the work.


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