What does a datacenter do?

In this post i’ll explain what a Datacenter is and what it does, and you can see how a daily operation of a datacenter works and you will see how advanced datacenters are these days.

Datacenters are being utilized by hosting providers like us to provide great connectivity and services to our clients. A datacenter is a (big) building that’s fully secured from physical unauthorized people to enter the building. Providers can create their own network within the datacenter and mount (rack) their servers in the datacenter.

You can start with a single unit (1U) at most datacenters and grow out as much as you need. We offer colocation starting from 1U, see: https://www.hostslim.eu/colocation/#info

Colocation is different than dedicated servers. With colocation you are responsible for the hardware and anything connected to it. You will have your own rackspace and you are the one managing it, instead of the provider when you have a dedicated server.

A datacenter provides access to providers and makes sure the building is clean, usable and always online. Their duty is to make sure their power supplies are redundant, they have backup power and their network connectivity is also redundant. The datacenter delivers (if you want) all your network connectivity. What they also deliver is: the rackspace, access, power and the security.

With most colocation providers you can get (free) help when you need it. We for instance offer 3 free remote hands per month with your colocation plan. This means that when you need help because there is an error on your server or an hardware failure or anything that needs hands-on help in the datacenter, we will do the needed task for you.

I hope this general information helps for you to explain what it is a datacenter does. If you are looking for colocation; have a look here: https://www.hostslim.eu/colocation/#info


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