How do I use Installatron?

Installatron is a plugin for DirectAdmin it automates installing systems like WordPress, but also Open Cart, Magento and other open source applications . As an example we are going to install WordPress using installatron. Because this is the most widely used system for website building.

What Installatron does with the WordPress installation is to create a database and install WordPress on a location chosen by you. And all with the push of a button! Here’s how.

Log into the directadmin control panel.  you can find the setup by clicking on “Installatron Application Installer”. Here you can find among others, a list of applications you can install with Installatron (see illustration). WordPress is under the “Apps for Content Management”.


In the overview, click on WordPress, ou will see some more info about the latest version of WordPress. In the top right corner you will find the “install this application”. You will get new install options like in the next picture.

configuration and more
At “Domain” you choose what domain WordPress will use. then you choose a “Directory”. If the directory does not exist, Installatron creates it for you.
After “Location” you still get the option to choose a version of WordPress. Choose the version with “recommended” behind it. So that you are using a stableversion.

Installatron also offers to update WordPress automatically make backups of your website, and keep your database automatically. this is recommended for beginners, because it takes a lot of work to do it all manually.
Example of the settings below. Make sure that your user name is not “admin”. Ensure also that you “Limit Login Attempts” are set to “Yes”, it adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress site (it never hurts!).


When WordPress is installed, you will receive an email with all the information; where you see new WordPress website is where you can login and of course your username and password. We only talked about install wordpress in this post but there lots of other systems installatron can install for you. We will talk about those in another Blogpost.

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