The Best VPS of 2018

We hear this question a lot: “What is the best VPS of 2018”. Then we always have to start our answer with “the best VPS does not exist, but the best VPS for you”. In this blog I explain to you how you can choose the best VPS for yourself and what to look out for.

VPS Location
If your visitors mainly come from the Netherlands, it can be very useful to purchase a VPS in the Netherlands (in a Dutch datacenter). Simply put, because your data is closer to your end user. If you put your data in America for example, it will take longer to reach the end-user’s computer. Very logical in itself, but many people forget that this can be quite important. Of course it also works vice versa. If you have many USA visitors, it may be useful to run your website on a USA Datacenter VPS.

Price of the VPS
Maybe a very logical requirement, but of course you want the best “bang” for your “buck”. You just have to be careful that you are prize fighters. Why? Many price fighters save on the quality of the servers, staff, network and ultimately customer support. If you do not value good customer service and guaranteed uptime, you can of course get a VPS for a bargain price, but if you are looking for a reliable and scalable VPS, the search will be a bit more complicated. After all, there is so much choice. Let yourself be guided not only by price but also by the following suggestions:

Uptime of the VPS
As I mentioned above; the uptime of your VPS is of course very important. If you do not know exactly what uptime content I will explain this. In short Uptime means how long your website is online continuously. For example, if a provider offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, then a provider may be “down” for up to 20 minutes per month for maintenance or other calamities, for example. For example, 100% expects a customer not to have downtime – possible calamities excluded. The lower the uptime guarantee, the lower the VPS price will be, but the more often your website can be out. In my opinion this is not desirable. Therefore, search for a provider with at least 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Speed ​​of the VPS
Nothing is more annoying than a website that is not pre-burned! So look for the right configuration for your VPS. Do you have a busy web shop or wordpress website? Then search for an SSD storage VPS. This will ensure that your website will load faster. Do you have a simple static website with less than 20 pages? Then you can work fine with a normal SATA storage VPS.

Virtualization of the VPS
Also important is the virtualization of the VPS. The most used virtualization is OpenVZ and KVM. The difference is that a provider can assign more resources to OpenVZ than is actually available in the cluster. This is therefore not possible with KVM. We have chosen not to do overselling, but many providers do so. So look carefully for the virtualization type of the VPS you want to order. With KVM, a provider can not designate more resources than are available on the cluster.

Duration of the VPS
Many providers apply different terms of the agreement. For example, we use a time limit in which the customer can cancel at any time. Some providers have a 12-month period, some even 36 months and others have 1 month notice. So keep a close eye on the conclusion of the VPS for which term you enter into an agreement. This way you prevent yourself from unwanted surprises.

Data traffic from the VPS
Each site has a different number of visitors. Do you have a lot of visitors? Then look at a higher bandwidth / data traffic package and do not use a standard 100GB data traffic VPS. You will be right through this and many providers use higher rates for overuse of data traffic. Even if you do streaming you will use a lot of data traffic. However, if you have a simple static website with not too many visitors, you can handle a smaller data traffic package on your VPS. Always take the certainty of the uncertainty so that you will not face any surprises.

Support for the VPS
Nothing is more frustrating than having a problem on your VPS that does not come true. That’s why you want a support team at hand that can help you solve the problem. Unless you are a wizzkid, you do not want to have to go through nights because you can not solve an error on your website or VPS. So make sure you look for a Managed VPS package if you have little or no knowledge of managing a VPS. Having a control panel installed as DirectAdmin or cPanel does not hurt either.

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