HostSlim Datacenter Lelystad under construction [LIVE UPDATES]

We are pleased to announce the progress regarding the construction of the HostSlim Datacenter in Lelystad. This data floor will contain 20 Premium Rittal Racks, each with 2 × 32 AMP Power Supplies and 12 1/2 racks. Our data center will operate entirely separately from other data floors. Each data floor has its own UPSs, emergency power supplies, fiber optic connections and cooling systems. We work closely with Alticom, which will take over the construction for our data center. This is the first private Datacenter of HostSlim on Dutch soil. Since the demand is so high, we expect to build a second data center in 2019. We can build “Edge Datacenters” in this way. This means that by building relatively small datacenter spaces we can quickly switch and also achieve a very low PuE value, which results in much less power consumption. In addition, we can also have our own Datacenters built in 24 different locations in the Netherlands within 3 months. All of this fits in with HostSlim’s long-term plan to set up a nationwide data center network for our local but also International customers.

Are you interested in colocation? You can of course already request a quote and place your hardware at the delivery in January 2019. More information can be found here:

Through this blog we will publish the building updates every day in order to keep our users up-to-date.

October 14 2018
The construction of the HostSlim Datacenter in Lelystad has started. The delivery will be in early January 2019.

October 29 2018
Progress Photos Construction data center. The water cooling pipes are currently being pulled through and the entire room is sealed.

November 6 2018
The floor is almost ready. Building of the datacenter is on schedule.

November 15 2018
The floor is done. Now the redundant power is being connected.

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