5 ways to keep SPAM out of your mailbox

We all know it’s annoying to have spam in your mailbox, but how do we prevent it? We here at HostSlim want to make sure that our customers don’t have annoying abusive spam e-mails in their inbox, hence we’ve made the right prevention. But how can you prevent your own mailbox from your company or your own website against spam? Here’s how:

Have a good spamfilter — it’s important to have the first base covered and have a good spamfilter with your hosting. We offer this to all your clients. If your current provider hasn’t enabled this for you yet – be sure to ask them to enable it for you. It saves you from a lot of headache. Most providers offer this free of charge!

Don’t dump your e-mail everywhere — you might be not aware of the risk of filling your information and e-mail in on forms everywhere for “freebies” or whatever it’s called. You need to know that your e-mail will be used for promotional e-mails en that’s something to keep in mind. Also, if you have a website, make sure you don’t put your e-mail in full on your contact page without spamfilters. There are bots that crawl the internet for e-mail addresses and soon you might be the prey.

Have a captcha on your website — when you have a contact form on your website, make sure you enable a captcha control. This way you will rule out most of the spam in your contact form. Very useful and not hard to do.

We hope this information is useful for you and can help you to prevent spam in your mailbox!

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