How do I reduce hosting costs but optimize the quality?

This is a very much asked question, and we asked this question ourselves as well: how can we offer the best quality hosting with the best price there is in the market. It’s a hard task but we are able to offer it. For other people still having headaches and trying to figure this out, here are 5 steps to take:

Ignore the “unlimited” plans — don’t fall into the trap of “unlimited” plans. They don’t exist. There’s no “unlimited” disk space or bandwidth in the world. There’s always a max cap on the internet connection (for instance: if your provider has a server with a 1GBPS uplink, then the max. network speed that server can have is 1Gbps and not unlimited). So when you see offers stating that bandwidth or cpu or memory or disk space is unlimited; ignore it. They are overselling and you will never receive the right quality you need.

Virtualize — do you have a high IO website but you can optimize it? Virtualize it. Go with a XEN or KVM plan and reduce costs that way. Sometimes you don’t need a dedicated server and a VPS will suffice. You will reduce $50/m easily. You can always grow into a dedicated server. Most people overlook the actual space they need and will go with a server with too many options than they actually need.

Get a managed server — we believe in supporting our clients all the way. With us all our plans are managed. This way our clients don’t have to hire expensive outsource or IT companies or rescue aid companies to fix their servers. We do this for them. You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year this way.

Don’t focus on pricing alone — too many people still focus on pricing. They see that VPS X is 10 euro per month (but managed), and the other plan is 5 euro per month but unmanaged. It looks like a nice cut in costs at the start, but when they need support they have to pay $100/hour to get their problems solved. You get the idea…

Relax — probably the most important part of this blog post; relax. Don’t stress out on your choice of hosting. Do some research, see how long the hosting company is around and make a calculated decision. Don’t just go on feelings and also not just on price. Take an extra hour to evaluate everything and compare the plans. This way you will make the best decision that will reduce your hosting costs and guarantee you the best quality service.

In case you’re looking for a VPS or Dedicated server or you think Webhosting will be enough for you, take a quick look here: If you need any help, be sure to reach out to us and we’ll reply within minutes! You have a current hosting plan that you want to transfer? We’ll help you!



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