What’s the difference between a low end VPS and a high end VPS?

You’ve probably heard the words LOW END VPS and HIGH END VPS (Low End VPSSES can be found at www.lowendbox.com). But what does it all mean? That’s what I am going to explain to you today.

Low end VPS
A low end VPS is mostly seen as: low pricing lower priority VPS. Right… still not very clear right? Basically people who buy a low end VPS either use it for testing purposes, small websites and just random test invironments. Or there are people who make a sport out of getting the most specs for the least amount of money, There’s nothing wrong with that and it can be a quite fun game. And it also does not mean that Low End VPS providers are bad. We own a Low End VPS brand as well (www.vpsslim.com). We simply offer unmanaged Virtual Private Servers with a lot of specs for a very decent price. The way we make a revenue on those VPSses is that we don’t have to spend a lot of time helping those customers as those customers mostly know how to manage their own server. This means less support department pressure and less personnell costs. It’s the same network though and the same pro’s you would have owning a managed VPS with HostSlim in the same network.

So in short: Low end = a low price for high specs unmanaged server. Great for people with their own website, small webshop or test invironments. But if you have a mission critical server, then you should look into a high end VPS.

High end VPS
A high end vps is a VPS at a provider (likeĀ https://www.hostslim.eu/virtual-private-server/#info) that are mostly managed and high quality in regards of uptime, network, hardware and support. The prices are also significant higher but the customer base that uses a High end VPS can afford that as their business or website bring in enough cashflow to cover the costs.

A high end VPS is a great solution for mission critical applications that need a guaranteed uptime and hands-on support from the hosting provider as well. Most High end VPS providers offer 24×7 support.

What is better?
There is no such thing as “better” or “best”. There’s a thing called “best for you”. I know, it’s not the answer what you might be looking for, so let me help you out a bit. Are you looking for uptime guarantees, fast support and top-grade quality hardware with the newest techy stuff? Then a High End VPS is your thing.

If you are looking for a bargain, good quality hardware a great network and you are able to fix your own techy applications and you are a true server guru? Then a Low end VPS will fit you perfectly.

I hope this information helps you to make the right decision. Again, we offer both so if you need a Low end VPS, check: www.vpsslim.com and if you need a High end (managed) VPS, please check: https://www.hostslim.eu/virtual-private-server/#info




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