What kind of hosting do I need for my Webshop?

Do you currently run a webshop and is it getting slow? Are you planning to setup your own webshop? We have the best advice for you related on your decision to choose the right host for your website.

If you run a webshop you’re looking for a fast and reliable server. But what to choose? You can look into 3 different options. I will explain the pros and cons of these options.

Shared Webhosting for Webshop
If you have a small webshop with not a lot of visitors your Webshop can easily run on a Shared Hosting account. Bare in mind that if you run Magento, that it might need more resources and we’d advice to go with a VPS. OpenCart will run easily on a Shared Hosting account.

Pro: low monthly costs
Con: Lower resources (slower website sometimes)

Virtual Private Server for Webshop
If you have more vistors/buyers and more then a few hundrew products in your store — we’d advise you to go with a VPS. You can easily install your webshop on a VPS and we can help you with that as well. It’s cheaper then a Dedicated Server and it can run any Webshop software easily (Magento, Opencart etc.).

Pro: can run higher visitors webshops and webshops with a lot of products. The site will load faster as well.
Con: Price is higher then Shared Hosting and you are still limited to what other VPS users on the VPS node might be doing. Sometimes this can cause your website to run slower, though we do NOT oversell.

Dedicated server for Webshop
When you run a succesful, high vistor and big inventory webshop, we’d advice you to go with a dedicated server. We have 3 different dedicated server plans. With a dedicated server you are totally seperated from other people in the network and you will have all the server resources to your ability. Also, the servers are managed so you do not have to worry about fixing issues with the servers.

Pro: can run any webshop and run smoothly.
Con: price point is higher then the other solutions (VPS and Webhosting). Though it’s a must for bigger webshops.

Do you need personal advice? Be sure to get in touch with us. We will help you make the right decision for you.

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