Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated Server – What to Choose?

A question we get a lot from clients is “Do I need a VPS or a Dedicated Server”? We always ask the client a few questions to make sure what exactly it is they need. Below I have made a short Q/A for you to find out what YOU need. Any feedback is welcome.

As you see in the header image there is a difference between a VPS and a Dedicated server. A dedicated server has all the hardware for itself, it’s “dedicated” to just one client. With a VPS, as you can see in the image, a dedicated server gets split up by software info virtual servers. So each Vitual Machine gets an X amount of dedicated resources of that server. You can not use more than those resources which means that there is a certain amount of resources left on the server that can be used by other VPS users.

Q: Do I need a VPS or Dedicated Server?
A: This depends on your usage. Will you host a few single websites, a wordpress blog and host a few customers?

Q: I will host a few small websites and customers and some wordpress websites. Will a VPS do well?
A: Yes, a VPS is more than enough for this kind of usage. Keep in mind that if you host high visitors websites you might want to look into Dedicated Servers.

Q: Do I get dedicated bandwidth with a VPS or only with a Dedicated Server?
A: The uplink of a VPS node is between 1Gbps and 10Gbps. This is a shared uplink. This means that there are other users on the node as well who need bandwidth so you can’t get 100% of the uplink. With a Dedicated Server you have 100% of the uplink available for you.

Q: Can I get extra IPS with my VPS or only with a Dedicated Server?
A: With both services you can get extra IP addresses.

Q: What happens when my VPS hits the usage limit?
A: Your VPS might become slower as you are on your limits. The same will happen with a dedicated server, though, with a dedicated server you have more resources available.

If you have any other questions, please leave them in a comment and we would be pleased to answer them right away.

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