SSL is a must nowadays

You hear a lot lately about SSL and SSL certificated and new legislation about SSL certificates. I will discuss a few points here.

SSL is permitted by law — these days you should have an SSL certificate by law if you store client data (contact information) and make sure this is installed correctly. This means that if you have a webshop, store or any website that stores client information — you must have an SSL certificate.

Google filters on SSL — soon Google will only index websites that are running a valid SSL protecol. If your website does not have an SSL protecol it will not get indexed or will lose its page rank. This will have tremendous invluence on your sales and website visitors count.

SSL shows trust — if you have a webshop, clients these days are looking into your security and if you have an SSL certificate to offer them some security about the details they will give you. An SSL certificate will boost sales and offer a better consumer experience.

SSL doesn’t have to be expensive — HostSlim offers different kind of SSL certificates and we give one free SSL certificate with any domain you register with us. More information you can request via our support department:

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