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Lelystad, 26 April 2018

We are happy to announce that HostSlim will offer cloud services from the Mediators in Lelystad as of 1 July 2018. We have spoken for this extra location in order to offer our physical locations redundantly. In addition, the HostSlim servers will run at a height of at least 70 meters above the ground. This is a unique location and besides the good security also offers an advantage as the servers will run far above NAP.

HostSlim will offer the following hosting services from DC3 Cloud:
– Web hosting
– Reseller Hosting
– Virtual Private Servers
– Colocation
– Dedicated Servers
– Satelite connections

“After a long consultation and a great cooperation with Alticom, we have spoken to choose the Mediators in Lelystad, and besides that this location is close to our head office, and therefore can also be managed 24×7 by our own staff, it is also natural unique to actually offer a cloud service in the cloud;) “said Ralph Karseboom, CEO HostSlim BV

“I have experienced the conversations and plans with HostSlim as very pleasant, I was aware that HostSlim has great growth plans and a nice customer base, and we are very pleased with the acquisition of HostSlim as one of our users. plans with HostSlim for 2019 “said Maarten Kippers, Alticom

Are you interested in one of our hosting services in CLOUDDC3 (MediaToren)? Then you can contact us here:

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