Cleaning your WordPress / Joomla websites

We all want a super fast website, right!? We know the feeling of having to wait too long on a website to load. It’s annoying and time consuming, and people these days simply don’t want to wait for it anymore.

Here are some great tips on cleaning your WordPress or Joomla website and make it fast again!

First: Check site speed

With a website like you can check your website speed. You can get a grade and you see points on improving your website.

Cleaning cache

In wordpress you can clean your Cache, which means that all old data that’s not really needed anymore gets cleaned up and your site doesn’t have to consider using it anymore. This will probably make your site a bit faster.

Optimize database

It’s very important for a WordPress website that the database is loading fast and it’s not fulled with broken records, tables or any other stuff that’s not needed. You can optimize your tables/database via the WordPress interface. (First you have to install a plugin like WP-optimize).

Cleaning old plugins

You probably have some old plugins running. Maybe not even active. These can still consume resources! Delete them if you don’t use them anymore. Just like with your house- sometimes you have to throw away stuff you don’t use anymore, it makes your house neat.

We hope the information above helps you to optimize your WordPress/Joomla website and make it load faster.

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