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IP Transit

High-quality data traffic connections at HostSlim

The IP Transit of HostSlim data centers is high-quality, reliable and cost-efficient. Thanks to our advanced network, we have no restrictions on the number of locations where we can deliver IP Transit. We offer IP Transit in our own data centers as well as to customers in external data centers through dark fiber connections.

For IP Transit a BGP session is required. You pay nothing extra for this. You have one attractive rate per month based on the number of Mbits that are purchased.

Is IP Transit right for me?

IP transit is interesting for parties with their own network and/or IP addresses. Your own AS number is also a requirement for IP transit, we can help you to request and manage this at RIPE NCC. With your own IP transit you can offer a worldwide network in an economical way. You do not have to conclude contracts for data traffic with all kinds of separate parties. We have already done this for you. Because we purchase on a large scale, we have a purchasing advantage that allows us to make an advantageous offer to our customers.

Features of IP transit

  • Suitable for your own network
  • Available at different speeds from 100Mbit/s to 100Gb/s and everything in between.
  • Send your own data traffic through multiple providers so that you have redundancy of your own network. (If one provider drops out, another will automatically take over the routes)
  • Full table routing possible as well as default route table. It depends on your router whether it can handle a full routing table.

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