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What is it and how do I become one?

At HostSlim we see you as our partner. So we reward our affiliates right from the start. You will immediately receive 20% commission of the invoice amount for each new customer introduced by you. So no hassle with ladders, amount of customers you introduced to us and difficult calculations. Just a fixed percentage and you know exactly what you get! So all together: GET PAID WHILE YOU WAIT!

You build a credit with us and you can choose products from our portfolio or just transfer the monthly accumulated amount into your account. Do not wait and sign up now! We arrange everything for you and your administration gets its own link. So you can keep an eye on everything yourself. Do you have any questions please call us and everything will be arranged within a few minutes.

So start now earning money through your visitors to refer to us, it's that easy to make a lot of money. We welcome you as a partner and wish you a lot of business with HostSlim.

You can register as an affiliate here. You can register there, once logged in you can see a tab 'affiliate'. Click on activate your own affiliate account and get started! You immediately see your personal affiliate link. From this page you can see your real-time revenues.

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