Reseller Program, earn money by reselling

Reseller Program

Have you always wanted to sell hosting but don’t have the starting capital or knowledge to maintain the servers? Then we’re your team.

Our team is 24x7 available for your Hosting needs. You can resell our services fully white label. This means that your customers will not see that the hosting is being resold from us. We can give you very competitive pricing in the global market.

So don’t want any longer. Please contact and request a quote for any product of ours that you want to resell. You will get a response within 60 minutes.

Why HostSlim?

One of the reasons HostSlim is the best possible solution is because of our free add ons and award winning service!

Premium Network

When you join HostSlim you are instantly connected to a global premium network of over 1.2Tbps. Enjoy your endless hosting needs in our incredible wide network.

DDoS protection

Our network is protected against DDoS attacks. You as a customer can request DDoS protection for your hosting/ dedicated service as well.

Free Backups

We make daily backups of our webhosting clients and VPS clients. We keep them for 7 days and the backups run each day. This is a free service we offer.

SSL Certificate

In 2018 your website needs to be secure right? We can help you with this with a wide range of SSL certificates.

Award Winning Support

FindMyHost has awarded our support with 5 stars. We want you to be 100% satisfied, else you can get your money back within 14 days after purchase.

200+ Free Applications

With our 1-click installer in our hosting plans you can instantly install more than 200 different applications in a matter of one click!

What people say about us

Great company. I have ordered a server a few years ago. Great uptime and great support. Love these guys!


HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for HostSlim B.V.