The HostSlim data center

Our modern data center uses the latest technology to guarantee powerful performance and availability. Of course, it's also fully power redundant - ensuring that your equipment is always online, even in the event of a city power outage. Below you can find some photos and more information about the HostSlim data center. If you're interested in a tour or have any questions, just let us know.



Unparalled security

Our security policies include 24/7 video surveillance, alarm monitoring, ingress/ egress keycard access, cabinets equipped with tumbler locks, and more.

24x7x365 on-site engineers

Highly qualified engineers are available 24x7x365 to perform diverse tasks at your request (server reboots, cable and card replacements, etc.)

Premium network connectivity

Using our 10+ years of experience in the data center landscape, we have custom built a network for performance. Our network partners include AMS-IX, Zare, Hurricane, RETN and DCspine.