What is colocation?

You might have seen in our website menu the following link: “colocation“. What is colocation? What can you do with it? For what purpose is it best served? This I’ll explain in this blog post.

What is colocation?
Colocation is an internet hosting service that allows you to host your own server(s) in one of our secure datacenters. You have 24×7 access to your hardware and we can perform remote hands for you, or you can do it yourself.

What are remote hands?
Remote hands is when we have to put hands-on your server and reboot it, install it, format it or replace harddisks etc. etc. These are things our employees in the datacenter can perform for you without having you to be in the datacenter yourself. This will save you a lot of time.

Where could I use colocation for?
You can use colocation to place your own servers in our network. You then have a certain amount of uplinks and can sell your own hosting services whitelabel. Or you can have your website hosted on your own server with your own requirements and your own preferred hardware and software settings. You control your own server for 100%.

Can somebody else touch my server?
No, only you and our datacenter engineers can reach your server. This means that no other customers are able to reach your server without having one of our engineers with them to make sure that your server will not be affected by any maintenance performed by other customers.

What’s the difference with a dedicated server?
With a dedicated server we are responsible for the hardware. So if anything breaks or needs replacement, we pay those costs and not you. With dedicated servers you also have a managed plan, which means that we manage your server for you when needed. Colocation customers have to manage their hardware and software themselves. So if you don’t have a lot of server management skills, we would advice a dedicated server.

Who is responsible for server monitoring?
You are responsible to monitor your servers when you have a colocation service with us. We can monitor your servers for an additional fee and maintain them. With dedicated servers this service comes for free. For colocation we have certain SLA plans (Service Level Agreements).

Who is responsible for server management?
Colocation is for customers who understand server management and who can maintain and install their own servers. If there’s something you need help with, you can always open a ticket. Keep in mind that colocation support is a paid service.


I hope this information helped you to decide if Colocation is something for you, or if you’d rather have a Dedicated Server.

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