Should I lease IP addresses?

This is a much asked question: is it cheaper to lease IPS or to buy IPS? And the answer might be different than you think it is. It might be cheaper to lease, and here’s why:
Flexibility — you have great flexibility when you are leasing IPS. You can start and end whenever you want and you don’t have to bother with signing a bunch of papers, a contract and then having to mount and assign the ranges to your datacenter their network.

Different networks — You can lease different networks when you need to. For instance for SEO purposes or your clients that want to be hosted on different subnet for their DNS or other reasons, you can lease /24s or lower in different classes. For instance: and xx.xx.xx.xx.0/27. This way you are able to provide your clients with wide spread network ips.

Low startup costs — when you signup as a LIR you have yearly fees and a signup fee. This could easily be several thousands of euros/dollars. So it’s better to lease IPS if you want to keep your startup costs low or when your cash position isn’t allowing you to buy IP Addresses. You also have no routing and maintaining costs when you are leasing IPS from a provider. Most of the time a datacenter will ask you for a maintenance fee for you to announce your IP addresses in their network.

Easy to cancel — when you lease IPS you can cancel every month or every day. When you are a LIR member you still have paid for a full year and you need to cancel X amount of time before your next renewal date.

Managed by your provider — when you lease IPS the responsibility to make sure your IPS are working correctly are the responsibility of the provider/datacenter. When you are routing your own ranges then you have to make sure to make the right route objects, domain objects and maintainers. For new people to IP routing this can be very difficult.

All in all, we hope this post helped you to determine if you are better off with leasing ips or buying ips. If you need any help, be sure to contact us here

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