How to protect your website from overselling?

Overselling is a big concerns for hosting clients and we could not agree more. You are paying to be able to use a certain amount of resources, so you should be able to use it right? Still this is not something all the providers do. Some of them oversell and that’s causing stability issues for their users as well as downtime.

How do I protect myself from overselling? When a ISP is offering prices that are too good to be true, then most of the time it is. When they offer a VPS for 1 euro per month, they do need to compromise on the service and hardware level, there’s no way around it. It’s best to always look for a provider with a good reputation and a fair price. Nothing in the world comes free, and nothing good in the world comes cheap. It may be a bit confusing as I hear you say “But company X offered me a VPS for 1EUR and it has great specs, why would I pay more?”. When you are not going to use the resources are don’t have a website that needs 100% uptime and low latency speed, then you could go with a 1 EUR/m VPS. But even then you might get dissapointed if you find out that it’s less stable than you thought it would be.

No overselling — we at HostSlim don’t believe that overselling is the way to do it. We are far more happy to offer a great service for a fair price, instead of a great price for a fair service. We don’t like to compromise and our customers appreciate this about us. They want quality service, a friendly support team and a great uptime. That’s what we believe in. That’s why we host websites for companies that need a very high uptime, stable network and instant support.

Conclusion: it might look good to be able to get a VPS or any other service for a bargain price, but in the end you might be out of a lot of money due to downtime and time consuming issues.

HostSlim offers a wide range of Hosting Services which you can fine here. We would be more than pleased to advice you with your hosting needs.

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