How do I start a Webshop?

When you are considering building a webshop, there are some things that you want to know about. Here are some great tips from our team on how to build a webshop and maintain it with the right hosting package.

Choosing the right hosting — it’s very important to choose the right hosting. If you don’t go with quality hosting and uptime guarantees. You want your webshop to be online 24/7 as people tend to shop 24/7. You don’t want to deal with constant downtime or having to contact your provider all the time because things are not running smoothly. So step one is: Choose the right hosting.

The right software — you need to have the right software to maintain your webshop. Make sure you choose the software that works for you. A software you can get used to and you can easily maintain. Magento is not the software for smaller webshop as it’s costing a lot more time and money to customize it. You can better use WooCommerce and OpenCart for instance. With the right software you drastically reduce your stress and save a lot of money on customization.

Easy to install — we use easy to install software. With our installation panel within your shared hosting control panel, you can easily install any webshop software you want and need. It’s a matter of a few clicks and it’s done! Without having to have all the software knowledge. How cool is that!?

Managed hosting — all our hosting is managed. We always advice our prospects and customers to go with a managed hosting provider. This way your technical work is covered by people that know what they’re doing and are more than pleased to help you. This way you also reduce your waiting time as you don’t have to contact a third party.

I hope this information helps you to decide that you need the right hosting and easy to use control panel to have a flawless Webshop running. You can find our Webhosting plans here.

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