How do I choose a Dedicated Server?

We all know the feeling; no longer see the forest through the trees. This is no exception in the hosting market. A lot of offers and you who have to make the right decision. After all, you want your site or application to be well hosted and will not encounter any problems. I help you with this quest.

Ask yourself the question first; what am I going to host?
It may sound stupid, but this is an important question that often appears later in the stage. Many people are looking for the “thickest” server for the “least” money, which ultimately was an overkill server and still a waste of money. So ask yourself well: what am I going to host? How many visitors do I have? How many resources do I currently use on my Webhosting account, VPS or other server?

Avoid questions like “which provider is the best”?
You will often receive answers from other parties in the sense that “there is no best provider, there is the best provider for you”. And that is true. It just depends on what you need. Are you looking for a lot of support? Then look for a managed server. Can you handle everything yourself? Then an unmanaged server, which is often slightly cheaper, is the best option for you. Do you have a lot of visitors from the Netherlands? Then look for a provider with good network accessibility in the Netherlands and sufficient capacity. Do you have more foreign visitors? Then find a party that has sufficient international network capacity and the shortest routes to be your service provider.

Look for experiences from other customers.
Have you found the perfect candidate? Then a round of Google certainly does not hurt. Look for experiences from other customers with this party. Do not be afraid of negative experiences because that will have every company. Look especially for the guide. Is it generally positive overall? Then you certainly do not have to make alarm bells. But if you complain about the party you are interested in (for example, cheap = expensive), then I would go looking a bit further.

Accessibility provider
Of course you want you to be able to reach the provider if something goes wrong on your server (s). Many unmanaged providers nowadays offer very limited support and you have to solve and find out a lot yourself. So you can not expect urgent response times or 24 × 7 support. Also make sure that you have found a provider that offers e-mail, chat and social media support. These are often much more adequate. What I personally would like is a provider that has a 24 × 7 telephone number in case of calamities. So you can always approach your provider if something goes wrong. That is just a bit nicer, right?

Last but not least … setup times and money back guarantee
Pay close attention to delivery times. Search the site for the delivery time of a server. With almost all providers this will be on the website. This way you will not be surprised if you suddenly have to wait 7 days for a delivery. In addition, it is also common that a provider offers a X number of days a money back guarantee. HostSlim does this itself and offers just that extra certainty that you are not immediately attached to a provider if it does not suit you.

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